Managing your

Cavendish Ware's investment approach stems from our overall philosophy – everything should be driven by effective financial planning.

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Financial Planning might sound like something for the wealthy, but in reality it is something we all should be doing if we are to make the most of our lives.

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We believe that our history, philosophy, approach and people define who we are, and help to explain why we have been so successful since our launch in 2003.

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A little bit about us

Cavendish Ware began life in 2003.

We formed the firm out of a frustration with the way many of the large, established brands in the UK, trading under the banner of ‘Private Banks’ and ‘Wealth Managers’, provided financial advice.

Their increasing internal focus, lack of client service and continual move to a more highly commoditised, transaction, almost conveyor belt approach meant that we felt the time was right for us to set up a smaller, boutique firm that was able to provide more bespoke advice.

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