How we approach Investment Advice

Cavendish Ware’s investment approach stems from our overall philosophy – everything should be driven by effective financial planning.

The approach we take to construct and manage a portfolio for our clients follows a number of key steps, once we have gained a clear picture of the financial planning position, and this section sets out the key steps and methodology behind this approach.

Risk Profiling

Too often in the past have financial advisers used generic, highly prescriptive terms such as Balanced, Cautious or Aggressive to box clients in to pigeonholes that are not necessarily representative of their true attitude to risk.

Portfolio Construction

To achieve the goals and objectives that we identify with our clients, Cavendish Ware uses a combination of Cash Management and Absolute Return portfolios alongside more traditional Risk Based portfolios. Within these portfolios, we utilise a wide range of funds, which we constantly review and manage.

Strategic Asset Allocation

We use modern portfolio theories, based on the principle that for every level of risk that exists it is possible to construct an investment portfolio that, mathematically, delivers the maximum investment return over time for that specific level of risk, driven by volatility models.

Cavendish Ware Tactical Overlay

The first job of the Review Board is to take the risk-based strategic model, and apply where necessary an element of tactical decision making. These adjustments will take into consideration shorter term economic, social and political issues that may affect each asset class. This allows Cavendish Ware to make shorter term, tactical decisions with regard to the use of specific asset classes, where it feels it is prudent to do so.

Fund Selection

The final initial stage is fund selection. Initially, the universe of all funds available are filtered down to a more manageable number through the use of key analytical measures determined by our investment review board.

Ongoing Portfolio Advice

At the cornerstone of Cavendish Ware's proposition is the provision of high quality service. The regular contact with our clients and review process is essential with any investment portfolio. At outset therefore a portfolio will be constructed in line with the risk profile and diversified asset allocation detailed earlier. This represents the strategic element of our process and requires constant review.

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